Reusable packaging innovation announced at World Economic Forum in Davos

Date : 30 January 2019

Leading retailers and suppliers have partnered with a new online service to reduce the production of single-use plastics.

Online platform, Loop is a “circular shopping platform” designed to change the way people shop by delivering popular products directly to consumers in reusable packaging. As part of the programme, items such as orange juice, ice cream, detergent, deodorant and shampoo will be delivered in glass or metal containers, which when empty, are collected for cleaning and reuse.

Aiming to deliver a seamless experience

With the Loop programme, customers are offered a subscription model that doesn’t require a monthly minimum order amount, goods are replenished as they are returned.  Each of the packaging items is designed to last for 100 or more uses. Collection or drop off at a local UPS store aims to make the consumer experience as seamless as possible. 

Source: Loop

Changing behaviours

Unilever is participating in the programme and has pledged to make all of its plastic packaging reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025.  Alan Jope, Chief Executive of Unilever, said, “We want to put an end to the current 'take-make-dispose' culture and are committed to taking big steps towards designing our products for re-use. We’re proud to be a founding partner of Loop, which will deliver our much-loved brands in packaging which is truly circular by design.”

The programme is due to launch in the United States and France in Spring 2019, and Tesco is planning to pilot Loop in the UK later in the year.