Case Study: Modernising the Chinese food and grocery supply chain

In this case study, we look at how SPAR’s international expertise and strategic partnerships is used to develop a more sustainable, responsive supply chain model in China. Precisely, we explore how SPAR’s team in Guangdong has partnered with Swire Beverages, a Coca-Cola franchisee to switch from loose-loaded deliveries to fully palleted deliveries.

The project has three core objectives:
* Improve labour efficiency in the end-to-end supply chain
* Maximise the opportunities offered by recent standards set by the government
* Maintain or decrease operational costs

SPAR and Coca-Cola had to challenge themselves to overcome both physical and cultural obstacles to achieve the desired result. However, the success of the collaboration was due to:
* A clear vision
* Agreed goals and solutions
* Exploring, evaluating and resolving differences

Overall, the project has helped develop new ways of working within the Chinese market, setting new standards.