Supply chain trends for 2019

The Supply Chain Analysis team look at the supply chain trends for 2019. Our trends analysis helps both businesses and individuals prepare for change.

We investigate the five trends reshaping retail: Data dictates the way, Doing good is good for business; Seamless stores; Help me be healthy and Anywhere anytime.

We look at the characteristics of future shoppers, including the time-optimisers and the health conscious.

Finally we take a deep dive into the future trends, micro-fulfilment on a macro scale, eager experimenters, we give clarity on circularity and investigate how supply chains will capitalise on connections such as machine learning, blockchain and better sensors.

Report contents:

  • Introduction and executive summary
  • Context and selection criteria
  • The forces acting on supply chains – retail and shopper
  • The supply chain trends shaping 2019 and beyond
  • What it means for you