New competitors, technology, political and environmental events, are among a growing number of threats to supply. Be capable of adapting and responding.


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Next month, Loop will launch in the UK, enabling customers to have their favourite brands delivered to their door in packaging designed especially for reuse.

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Albert Heijn plans to introduce grocery home deliveries in Belgium. The service is due to start this coming spring. Available in the Antwerp region only, for now The home delivery service will be initially available in Antwerp region, before being expanded across other regions in the country. General manager of Albert Heijn Belgium, Raf Van den Heuvel, said: " Delivering at home reinforc...
UK convenience retailer Co-op plans to roll out same-day delivery to more than 650 branches by the end of 2020. Pilot launched in March 2019 This announcement follows on from a successful pilot launched in March 2019, where Co-op used Digital Goodie’s connected commerce platform to provide West London shoppers with same-day delivery. Co-op’s digital team started the design and build of i...
Aldi is set to introduce a set of initiatives that aim to reduce the number of plastic bags sold in its stores. Increasing the price of its ‘bags for life’ Aldi has put the price of its flexi-loop ‘bags for life’ up from 9p to 15p to encourage their reuse. The new price will be effective from Monday 24 th February. The revenue generated as a consequence of the price increase will be used t...


This report explores the concept of demand forecasting. Precisely, the report looks at types of forecasting, forecast error measures, and details the challenges that forecasters might encounter.
Belgium-based Delhaize claims to have introduced the first 100% CO2 neutral bananas.
This report provides a definition of demand planning, and other adjacent concepts such as demand management and demand forecast.
Each year, we call out the trends we believe will most influence supply chains in the year to come. In this report, we detail our selection, bringing to life our thinking with case studies and raising questions and considerations to help you capitalise.
Perdue Farms, one of the largest meat processing firms in the US, has developed an innovative meat-packaging system that dissolves under running water.
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A responsive supply chain helps businesses serve customers better. Take a look at what makes a responsive supply chain and explore what others have done to improve their responsiveness and what you can do to improve yours.

This report explores why omnichannel fulfilment is a growing influencer of retail success, what a flexible omnichannel network looks like, and how businesses including Carrefour, Walmart, Ocado, Jumbo and Alibaba are creating them.

Vulnerabilities in the global supply chain

This series of reports explores several significant vulnerabilities in the increasingly global food and grocery supply chain, and proposes actions plans that you can take to be prepared and resilient.

  1. Geopolitics
  2. Environment and resources
  3. Setting up for disruption

Use our benchmarking reports to compare yourself to your peers and as a roadmap for future development.

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