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Walmart and HSBC have announced today the launch of a sustainable supply chain finance programme that will tie a supplier's financing rate to its sustainability performance.

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Last week, Unilever announced it expects to reach 50% recycled content in its packaging by the end of this year, having originally announced its commitment to plastic packaging in 2017.

The statement outlined Unilever’s plan to "increase its use of recycled plastic content in its packaging to at least 25% by 2025 against a 2015 baseline." To support efforts, it’s adding a ‘How2Recycle’ label, designed to give consumers clear instructions how packaging should be discarded. Unilever expects to have rolled these labels out to all its products’ labels by 2021.

Collaboration with Walmart

Unilever is working with retailers, including Walmart, on efforts to improve recycling. It plans to work with the retailer to educate shoppers on recycling through a programme called ‘Bring it to the Bin."

Speaking at Walmart’s Sustainability Milestone Meeting

In a statement made at the Walmart Global Sustainability Milestone Meeting, Unilever North America President, Amanda Sourry said, “[Unilever] is significantly accelerating our plastic packaging commitments in North America and are thrilled to be working alongside other industry leaders like Walmart to push these initiatives forward.

“We need collective action to tackle the problem at the source by working with forward-thinking companies like Walmart, advocating for systemic change in government and recycling facilities, working closely with plastics suppliers, and educating consumers."

From a new reusable bags campaign to ‘Project Gigaton’ and new sustainable textile goals.

For the first time, reusable bags will be available to customers for purchase across checkout carousels at its US stores. Reduction of plastic waste, as well as improved customer convenience, are the main drivers of this initiative, which was announced at its 2019 Sustainability Milestone Summit.

The new range of reusable bags are manufactured with post-consumer recycled materials. At this year’s summit, the two-year anniversary of ‘Project Gigaton’ has been highlighted, which is a platform shared with Walmart’s suppliers that aims to eliminate 1 billion tons (a gigaton) of emissions from its worldwide value chains by 2030. Within the last two years, several suppliers have delivered results and reported eliminating more than 93 million tons of emissions.

Aiming for a sustainable sourcing of textiles

Walmart also announced a couple of new sustainability targets for its apparel and soft home textiles section within US stores:

  • Sourcing more sustainable fibres
  • Reducing manufacturing impact

Increasing the availability of electric vehicle charging stations

As of 2018, Walmart has made electronic vehicle charging stations available at retail locations across 29 states.

It has also outlined its progress towards its goal of being powered by 100% renewable energy, and to have 50% of its operations powered with renewable energy by 2025. Essentially, it has sealed agreements for the construction of 136 new solar and wind projects which will eventually supply the equivalent electricity usage of over 260,000 homes a year.

Walmart has taken several sustainability measures over the last few years. Check out the Walmart hub for more on its initiatives.

Co-op has pledged to sustainable sourcing within its supply chain by joining the global Roundtable on Responsible Soy (RTRS).

100% of sustainably sourced soy

Co-op’s aim is to make sure that 100% of its sourced soy within its supply chain is certified as sustainable. RTRS’ standards will be used as a baseline to ensure all the soy sourced for its own-brand products originate from sources considered as ‘deforestation free’.

One of the requirements for suppliers who deal with RTRS companies is to guarantee that increasing soy production won’t damage their land. In addition, biodiversity and deforestation are issues they need to keep in mind.

“The increasing demand for animal feed and rising global consumption of meat is having a major impact on the environment in major soya producing countries in South America, as well as the wildlife which depends on the native vegetation for its very survival. This is an issue which will create major challenges for the environment tomorrow, unless transparent, joined-up and decisive steps are taken today”, said Sarah Wakefield, sustainable sourcing and Fairtrade manager.


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