New competitors, technology, political and environmental events, are among a growing number of threats to supply. Be capable of adapting and responding.


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Building on their existing collaboration, Kroger and Walgreens will join forces to source a number of products together, through a joint venture called Retail Procurement Alliance.

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In response to intense competition, where consumers are demanding more for less, several retailers have decided to streamline operations and reduce operating costs. One approach to support these objectives is to vertically integrate aspects of the supply chain. What’s vertical integration? Vertical integration is a strategic decision that sees a business take ownership of part, or the ent...
Ahold Delhaize USA is due to invest $480 million to transform and expand its supply chain operations on the U.S East coast. A fully integrated self-distribution model The aim of the three-year strategy is to shift the company’s U.S supply chain into a fully integrated, self-distribution model. Under the plan, Ahold Delhaize USA will acquire three distribution centres from C&S Wholesale Groc...
Woolworths, in collaboration with Queensland builder Spaceframe, have begun the expansion work of the existing Townsville Regional Distribution Centre (TDRC). Improving availability for North Queensland customers Upon conclusion of the expansion work, the site will more than double its original size, increasing to 10,000 square metres, hence becoming the largest food and grocery distributio...


This report explores the inception of Lean manufacturing, highlights its benefits to businesses and offers you a guideline on how to best implement it. The report also looks at the tools and techniques that are available to put ‘Lean’ into practice and explains the challenges that can sit in the way of a successful ‘Lean’ implementation.
This third (and final) report assesses the industry's maturity with Capability and Culture.
In this report we look at the prospects for the US online grocery channel, what’s driving its growth and the implications for product suppliers.
Waste management and prevention is a topic of paramount importance for the food industry. This report will help you understand different types of waste, industry standards and initiatives as well as how to best measure and manage waste.
Toast Ale, the British craft brewer known for its recipes that use bread that would normally go to waste, is now brewing beer from pumpkin flesh that would usually be discarded.
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A responsive supply chain helps businesses serve customers better. Take a look at what makes a responsive supply chain and explore what others have done to improve their responsiveness and what you can do to improve yours.

This report explores why omnichannel fulfilment is a growing influencer of retail success, what a flexible omnichannel network looks like, and how businesses including Carrefour, Walmart, Ocado, Jumbo and Alibaba are creating them.

Vulnerabilities in the global supply chain

This series of reports explores several significant vulnerabilities in the increasingly global food and grocery supply chain, and proposes actions plans that you can take to be prepared and resilient.

  1. Geopolitics
  2. Environment and resources
  3. Setting up for disruption

Use our benchmarking reports to compare yourself to your peers and as a roadmap for future development.

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