Coca-Cola in Sweden to switch to PET bottles made from recycled plastic

Date : 22 November 2019

Coca-Cola in Sweden is due to start using PET bottles made only from recycled plastic, in a bid to expand its use of recycled plastic in Western Europe.

3,500 fewer tonnes of virgin plastic

According to Coca-Cola, the change at its Jordbro factory south of Stockholm means a reduction in the use of newly manufactured plastics by approximately 3,500 tonnes per year. The manufacturer also said that increasing the share of recycled material in packaging was an efficient way to reduce its C02 footprint.


Source: Coca-Cola

The transition to 100 per cent recycled plastic will include the Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite, and Bonaque brands, which encompasses around 40 different variants.

Sofie Eliasson Morsink, CEO of Coca-Cola European Partners Sverige, commented: “Plastic is an effective packaging material, provided that it is collected and reused so that nothing is rubbish. Coca-Cola in Sweden wants to help contribute to the transition towards a circular economy.”

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