Transformed by technology case studies


In this report, we look at how StarStock, a technology provider specialising in hospitality and leisure, has launched a national, not-for-profit initiative that is not necessarily part of StarStock’s core business. This initiative supports pubs to sell food and drinks direct-to-consumer (
This case study looks at JJ Foodservice's development of an ‘Amazon-style’ notification system that provides customers with an accurate delivery ETA and payment options. The work covered in this case study has seen JJ Foodservice shortlisted as a finalist in the 2019 IGD Supply Chain Excellence award category.
This case study focuses on Metro Group's development of "SCOT", an online supplier collaboration tool, which helped improve availability for customers and increase sales across several markets.
This case study looks at how SKUtrak, a SaaS platform provided by Atheon Analytics, has helped Co-op and Muller save time, effort and resource in processing and visualising large volumes of data whilst helping to grow sales. We outline the journey of this collaboration that helped 'humanise' the data, which has numerous benefits.
Discover how Symphony GOLD and Mercator have been able to collaborate effectively through new the introduction of new technology and data synchronisation between trading partners, helping them to unlock growth in their supply chains.
Boots UK operates a high performing, highly automated retail supply chain, delivering through centralised distribution to its 2,510 Boots stores across the country. The Nottingham Stores Service Centre, which has a highly automated single-picking operation, is central and crucial to the retailer’s supply chain. The Burton Service Centre, the home of the operation, also operates a single-pick automated solution and is the key enabler to the retailer’s store collect promise to customers. Discover the secrets to the Boots supply chain…
Supply chain innovation that is practical and genuinely adaptable for the wider industry is pretty hard to come by. This innovation – replacing a standard HGV trailer to hold an extra 31% of pallets/cages from Pauline Dawes and the team at SOMI Trailers is a remarkable achievement that can really make a difference in distribution operations. Discover how the SOMI trailer was developed from the lightbulb moment to operating live trials with the industry.
Nestlé Germany needed a smart solution for a big problem - customers expect full visibility of order status 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Access to information was restricted to office hours constraining responsiveness and efficiency. By developing a customer service app, where customers can access information via a smartphone or PC, Nestlé has radically improved customer satisfaction and visibility of critical supply chain data to drive a step-change in performance.
Müller wanted to improve its promotion management and commercial forecasting. It was using a complex web of spreadsheets which meant lots of manual activity, draining time away from real value added activity with its customers. Read this presentation to hear how it partnered with AgilityWorks to simplify its promotion management processes.
Tesco’s online sales are growing at a rapid pace and continuing to develop online capability is key to business performance. A key enabler has been to rapidly develop a network of six online fulfilment centres and by a process of continuous improvement, the retailer has delivered a step-change in efficiency while improving customer service.